Unfortunately, the work of these complicated artistic techniques has been devalued with the arrival of “fast fashion” where the maquila has displaced the long hours of detail and effort of crafts.

For many decades fashion has been a continuous waste of resources.

In CANNA we seek to give back to the earth a bit of what it has given us, encouraging the consumption of sustainable pieces.

We want the women who make up our team to be proud of their talent. That they be empowered when they know Mexicans and that they are free when they have their own economic income.

Canna seeks to transmit an awareness towards artistic processes, sustainable consumption and the empowerment of women.

Then you know, when you join this movement, you are one more piece of this domino: you generated a decent job, you acquired a sustainable piece and you supported the traditional Mexican heritage.


We are two Mexican women excited by the cultural wealth of our country. We believe that the future of fashion is to return to the roots of craft processes.

Mariana is a psychologist who loves dogs and food. Feminist at heart and perfectionist by default. It has always been very attracted to environmental and social movements.

Mariana Vigil

Ana Paula has a degree in Advertising. Immersed in this "disposable" environment, he felt the need to get involved in a movement that would leave a better world than he found. Fashion and mountain lover.

Ana Paula Ramírez